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What can you do with Smart Controllers?

Smart Switches

A smart switch offers a convenient way to control your lights with a tap, smartphone app, or voice command. It allows you to schedule automated on-off times for efficiency, simulate occupancy when you’re away using vacation mode, and save on electricity bills by setting lights to turn off when rooms are unoccupied. Learn more about how smart switches work.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat provides precise control over your radiator, letting you adjust temperatures via your phone. It can preventing wasteful heating of an unoccupied home by automatically switching off when you leave, or you can set the system to preheat your home before your arrival. Plus, it allows personalization of heating settings for each room, ensuring everyone enjoys their preferred temperature.

Smart Plugs

A smart plug can transform any electronic device into a smart one, offering a myriad of functions. It allows remote control of devices, enabling you to switch them on or off via phone or voice command. You can automate daily routines, such as starting your coffee machine before you wake up or shutting down your computer each evening. Additionally, it monitors your devices’ energy consumption, providing insights to help you save energy.

Smart Pet Feeders

A smart pet feeder ensures your furry friend is well-cared for, offering several beneficial features. It helps maintain a consistent feeding schedule, aiding in managing behavioral and health issues by feeding your pet at regular times daily. It carefully controls portions, assisting in keeping your pet healthy.