Good Morning

Start a beautiful day with Aqara. The curtains can automatically open to let the sunshine in.
Air purifier, bathroom light, and the coffee maker can all be turned on with a single press of a button.

Set a specific wake-up time, and Aqara will automatically

  • Turn off the night light.
  • Open the curtains.
  • Turn on the coffee maker.
  • Turn on the lights in the bathroom.
  • Turn on the air purifier.
  • Disable the alert mode.

Good Night

Time to say good night. Simply say “Good Night” to your voice assistant to turn off all lights, close all curtains, and activate the Alert Mode.
Stop the cat from waking you, have the Smart Pet Feeder drop them a midnight snack.

Say “Hey Siri, Good Night”, Aqara will automatically

  • Turn on the night light.
  • Turn off the lights in the entire house.
  • Close the blinds.
  • Enable the alert mode.
  • Feed the pets.

Coming Home

Upon your arrival, the curtains can open automatically, and the living room lights, humidifier, and heater can also turn on simultaneously.

When you open the Aqara Door Lock, Aqara will automatically

  • Open the curtain.
  • Turn on the lights in the living room.
  • Turn on the humidifier.
  • Turn on the heating.
  • Disable the alert mode.

Leaving Home

Have you ever left home in a hurry and realized that you had forgotten to turn off the lights and other home appliances?
With Aqara products, you will be able to check the status of your electric appliances and turn them off remotely via your phone or your favorite voice assistant.

Activate a customized "Home Away" mode via Alexa, and Aqara will automatically

  • Turn off all the lights.
  • Turn off all the appliances.
  • Enable the alert mode.
  • Turn on the robot vacuum.
  • Close the curtain.
  • Feed the pets.

Elderly care

Elderly loved ones living on their own can often struggle with loneliness, mobility and other health issues.
The loss of independence can make home life challenging, there are lots of smart devices that can help them communicate with family and friends, stay safe, live healthy and even assist around the home.

Set up a schedule for a loved one, and Aqara will automatically

  • Operate lighting.
  • Open and close the curtains.
  • Control the heating.
  • Control the alert mode.
  • Ensure appliances are switched off at night.
  • Scheduled check-in time for everyone's peace-of-mind.

Pet Care

If your cat has their own schedule try using the Door & Window Sensor to feed them as they come home.
Teach your dog to press the Mini Switch, move the Cube T1 Pro or touch the bowl with the Vibration Sensor attached, and the Feeder will dispense the food to reward your pet.

Setup specific feeding times, or just to give them a treat

  • Check they are eating enough with the camera.
  • Control their portions by weight.
  • Ensure they have enough servings.
  • Train and reward your pets using smart integrations.
  • Unscheduled snacks with a tap of the app.
  • Use motion sensors to follow the pets schedule instead.