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Aqara Introduces Smart Ceiling Light for Everyday and Atmospheric Illumination

Aqara, a leading provider of smart home solutions, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its smart lighting product line with the introduction of the Ceiling Light T1M. This smart light fixture seamlessly blends radiant white lights with a colourful gradient ring for everyday and atmospheric illumination. The Ceiling Light T1M is available on Aqara ’s  select retailers in the UK*.

Designed for rooms ranging from 5 to 20 square meters (approximately 54 to 215 square feet), this ceiling light offers a versatile lighting solution. With a spectrum ranging from warm-to-cool whites (2700-6500K) to an impressive 16 million colours, users can effortlessly create the perfect ambiance for any mood or occasion. Moreover, its independently addressable RGB ring enables seamless integration into holistic smart home experiences, allowing users to visually receive notifications or alerts regarding their home’s status changes, such as when someone rings the Aqara doorbell or triggers an armed security system. For hearing-impaired individuals, the T1M Ceiling Light can be paired with smart security alarm systems to add customised visual alerts, further enhancing the safety and convenience for users.

Similar to other Aqara Zigbee devices, the Ceiling Light T1M supports Matter and other major platforms, such as Apple Home (including Adaptive Lighting for HomeKit users), Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, via a compatible Aqara hub*. The wide compatibility positions it as a future-proof addition to any space. The ceiling light features low idle power consumption thanks to the energy-efficient Zigbee protocol, while also serving as a repeater of the Zigbee network, enhancing network range and responsiveness. Zigbee also ensures local automation to remain functional even when the ceiling light is disconnected from the internet. Engineered for excellence, the T1M features a Colour Rendering Index (Ra) of 90 for true-to-life hues and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure a lifespan of 50,000 hours for longevity.

Expanding upon the success of the LED Strip T1, the Ceiling Light T1M represents the latest addition to Aqara’s smart light portfolio, furthering the Company’s commitment to creating the ultimate smart home experience. With smart light being an integral part of a truly smart home, the T1M harmonises with other Aqara devices to elevate everyday living. For example, the T1M can be paired with presence or motion sensors for automated illumination, which helps cut energy waste. Moreover, by coupling it with an Aqara light switch, which features Wireless Switch mode, users can enjoy the familiarity of traditional light control while preserving the sophistication of the Ceiling Light’s smart functionality.

For more information on the Ceiling Light T1M, please visit our website.


* Product availability may vary among different retail channels and could be updated on an ongoing basis. It’s recommended to check with the regional retailer(s) for real-time availability.

** The Matter compatibility of the Ceiling Light T1M requires a Matter-compatible Aqara hub (e.g., Hub M2, Hub M1S/M1S Gen 2, Hub E1, Camera Hub G3) and may be in Beta by the time of its launch.

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