Aqara Energy Saver Pack

Transform your home with the Aqara Energy Saver Pack – a smart solution for energy-efficient living. This kit, featuring Aqara Presence Sensor FP2, Hub M2, Radiator Thermostat E1, and Temperature and Humidity Sensor T1, brings precision and automation to your fingertips. Adjust temperatures, detect occupants accurately, and control appliances remotely through the Aqara app. Save 20-40% on energy costs with intelligent automation. Compatible with Apple Home, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. Elevate your living with Aqara – where smart meets sustainable.


Aqara Energy Saver Pack is compatible with the following systems:
Zigbee CompatibleWi-Fi Compatible DeviceMatter CompatibleWorks with Apple HomekitWorks with Siri ShortcutsWorks with AlexaWorks with the Google AssistantWorks With IFTTT


Aqara Energy Saver Pack
This item: Aqara Energy Saver Pack
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Aqara Dual Relay Module T2
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Aqara Energy Saver Pack

Based on the habits and scenes, this pack delivers effective energy savings. With the power of temperature and humidity sensors and presence sensor, they offer precise monitoring of home conditions and using in specific areas. It optimizes radiator control and enables remote control of household appliances through infrared. Experience a smarter, more energy-efficient way that adapts to your real-life needs and habits with Aqara Energy Saver Pack for now!

1)Instant temp adjustment: By using the temperature and humidity sensor T1 to detect the actual room temperature, rather than just the temperature near a single device, it can more accurately adjust energy devices and improve them to align with the user’s actual needs and comfort.

2) Accurate person detection: Thanks to the use of millimeter-wave radar detection technology, the presence sensor FP2 can accurately detect the presence of an individual indoors, even if they are just sitting or lying down. This precision enables it to trigger other devices, such as the Radiator Thermostat E1 to turn on/off, with greater accuracy.

3) Custom energy-saving automation: Utilizes FP2’s zone-specific sensing to perform automated actions within a large space. For example, when FP2 detects someone in the sofa area, it automatically turns on the TV (through Hub M2) and also raises the temperature on the Radiator Thermostat E1.

4) Local IR Control: Hub M2 has an IR remote control function, which can add and manage the control of different IR home appliances, such as fan, table lamps, coffee machines, air conditioners and more. Users can control them remotely via the Aqara app. At the same time, the temperature and humidity sensor T1 is used to detect the real-time temperature, and the fan/air conditioning can be remotely controlled on and off. It can also be used with the FP2 presence sensor to control the infrared equipment by detecting people.

5) Remote control & monitoring: Through the Aqara app, you can not only set up different automations and geofencing based on needs, but you can also remotely control Radiator and infrared appliances via the app directly.

What’s Aqara Energy Saver Pack included:

Automatic temperature control

Still adjusting the temperature manually or relying on your instincts? Let Aqara Pack handle it. It accurately controls Radiator Thermostat E1 and Infrared home appliances( through hub M2 to control, such as fans, air conditioners, TVs) based on real-time temperature and time, ensuring your devices align with your needs and create a more comfortable and efficient energy-saving experience.

Highly accurate presence detection

Thanks to FP2’s use of mm-wave radar technology, its detection is more precise compared to conventional PIR detection devices. It maintains accuracy and stability of Radiator Thermostat E1 and Infrared home appliances even when you are lying flat or sitting still.

One sensor for your entire room

Now one FP2 can achieve the utility of multiple presence sensors in the past, which is more convenient to manage, set up and use. For example, sitting down by the bed will automatically turn on the  Radiator Thermostat E1. Sitting next to the sofa, the TV will be turned on automatically. All of the above automation can now be realized with only one FP2 sensor.

* A recommended open detection space is 10 m2  -40 m2.

** FP2 can only penetrate ordinary cotton clothing, curtains, thin plastic walls, and screen windows, but cannot penetrate solid walls and thick glass.

Central IR controller for other devices

The Aqara M2 Hub helps make your home smarter, even if your appliances are not. With its 360° infrared (IR) emitter, the Aqara M2 Hub can send remote control commands to your home appliances – setting temperatures, fan speeds, or turning them on and off. Control them remotely through the app or link them with included sensors. For instance, if the bedroom exceeds 26°C, the air conditioner or fan turns on automatically.

Remote control and easy setup via Aqara app

Through the Aqara app, you can not only set up different automations and geofencing based on needs, but you can also remotely control Radiator and infrared appliances via the app directly.

Reduce energy costs by at least 20-40%

Through automation (behavior-based), energy savings can be maximized while ensuring user comfort and convenience. Data shows that compared to traditional non-smart energy-saving modes, Aqara’s energy-saving can reduce energy costs by at least 20%-40%.

Designed for future scalability

The Aqara energy saver pack is not only widely compatible with third-party ecosystems such as Apple Home, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa, allowing users to seamlessly integrate these platforms and achieve a broader range of application scenarios.

In addition, the pack is designed for year-round energy-saving scenarios and offers scalability. For example, for customers with boiler heating systems at home, an additional dual relay module T2 can be purchased to include energy production in the smart automation system.

* Aqara dual relay module T2 isn’t included in the energy-saver pack, need to purchase it extra

Aqara Energy Saver Pack

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